TXT’s Soobin Proves That Being Tall AF Doesn’t Make You An NBA Star

He has the basketball genes, but not the skills.

If the National Basketball Association held tryouts for K-Pop idols, let’s just say that TXT‘s Soobin wouldn’t make the team.


At 185 cm (6’0″), Soobin is the tallest artist at Big Hit Entertainment. One might think that Soobin’s height gives him an athletic edge, but one would be wrong. Very wrong.


Unfortunately, Soobin was born with sporty genetics, but not the skills. He’s totally upfront about it too.


Shooting hoops is not his strong point.


Neither is spinning a ball on his finger…


…or dribbling.


Every now and then though, Soobin’s inner NBA star jumps out and takes everyone by surprise…


…including him!