TXT’s Soobin Shows Off His Tall Height Once Again

Are we sure he’s 185cm?

TXT‘s Soobin is known to be tall. He stands at 185cm according to his profile, while OH MY GIRL‘s Arin, his MC partner, is only 166cm. While 166cm is not short for a female, next to Soobin, she becomes petite immediately! Many praise their heigh difference as “heart fluttering“.

He showed off his tall height once more on Music Bank, where they interviewed HyunA and DAWN. Soobin almost covered DAWN up with his height.

Fans were quick to notice that he was taller than or just as tall as DAWN, despite the fact that he was standing a few steps down from DAWN. The guests always stand on the platform while the MCs remain on the ground. Arin on the other hand, was still shorter than HyunA despite her high heels.

Just how tall is Soobin that he dwarfs everyone around him?

Source: pann