The Reason TXT’s Soobin Is “Traumatized” To Try Blue Hair Again

He has some hesitation about bringing back the color.

TXT‘s Soobin is so handsome that he can effortlessly pull off any hair color, especially his current fiery red hair.

Soobin | @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

Since some have voiced how much they miss the blue color, Soobin shared why it may not be happening any time soon.

While answering fans’ questions, one asked Soobin if he ever thought about returning to blue hair. Soobin responded, “I’m a bit traumatized,” and had a valid reason for being so concerned.

Because bright colors can be so tricky to process and maintain, he was worried about the effects. Soobin added, “I’m afraid that it’s going to mess my hair up if I dye it back to blue.

With hair being such an important part of someone’s appearance, everyone can relate to Soobin for wanting to keep it healthy. If he ever brings back the look, though, he’ll definitely slay it.

| @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Naver Live