TXT Spills On When They Look The Most “Seductive,” And Their Answers Were Unexpected

TXT is officially in their “seductive era.”

TXT recently made a comeback with their new mini-album, The Name Chapter: Temptation.

The group has already swept the charts with their new songs and impressively set a new record for a K-Pop group.

(From left to right) TXT’s Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Soobin, and Taehyun | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Their new mini-album consists of five new songs, each charting in the top ten of MelOn‘s top 100 chart, officially becoming the first K-Pop group to reach that milestone.

TXT has frequently been interacting with fans during their comeback promotions and has shown MOAs more of their lovable personality during their comeback showcase and variety show appearances.

Their comeback showcase was hosted by television producer and personality JaeJae, whose friendly and lively personality helps bring out genuine and hilarious responses from the celebrities she interviews.

TXT with JaeJae | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

During a speaking portion of their comeback showcase, TXT hilariously spent nearly 30 minutes discussing when they felt they looked the most seductive.

The group answered by incorporating elements of their new album, showing they know how to stay in work mode.


For TXT’s leader Soobin, he shared he looks the most attractive when wearing sunglasses. He said the image is so powerful that he feels like even he is being seduced when he sees himself in sunglasses.


TXT’s oldest member believes whenever he showcases his incredible duality is when he looks the most seductive.

| @yeonjune/Tumblr

Yeonjun is known for his confident and fierce stage presence but shows a softer side to MOAs off-stage.


For lovable Beomgyu, the TXT members unanimously agreed that Beomgyu looked the most seductive when he was sleeping.

Instead of explaining, Beomgyu hilariously showed fans what he meant by lying down at the showcase and pretending to sleep.


Taehyun answered by incorporating TXT’s “Farewell, Neverland” by saying he looks most seductive when he says “farewell” to laziness and gives his all to his workout.

JaeJae hilariously asked how he could find joy in working out, to which Soobin agreed.


Maknae Hueningkai‘s fellow members all had their own answers for the youngest of the group, from “always” to whenever he gets out of the shower; Hueningkai’s answer was more toned down.

Hueningkai said he looks the most seductive when he’s not tempted to take a break while practicing and instead gives it his all.

Are these the answers you would have guessed for the members?

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