Fans Love TXT’s “Sugar Rush Ride,” But TXT Expose Their Polar Opposite Reaction To The Original Demo

“We HAVE to hear this demo.”

TXT fans love the group’s recent comeback, “Sugar Rush Ride.”

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Fans are in awe of the sexy music video

And have the incredible album on repeat as they admire the group’s insane talents.

But while both TXT and fans are loving the comeback, that wasn’t the case when TXT first heard the demo.

Writing songs is an intense process, with multiple steps that usually result in various demo versions of the finished release. Sometimes these demos are exciting for the artists, while other times, they can cause some concern, like when TWICE‘s Nayeon first heard the demo for her solo debut “Pop!”.

TWICE’s Nayeon

For TXT, the “Sugar Rush Ride” demo was anything but what they expected. Soobin initially thought that fans were going to have very polarized opinions.

| @yeonfarie/Twitter

And Beomgyu admitted that all of the members laughed after hearing the demo.

| @yeonfarie/Twitter
| @yeonfarie/Twitter

Fans were shocked to hear that the already-well-loved song was so “bad” in the demo.

And couldn’t help but be curious, wanting to hear it themselves.

But, of course, regardless of the demo, there’s no denying that TXT made “Sugar Rush Ride” into a hit song.

You can listen here.


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