10+ Most Heart-Stopping Scenes From TXT’s Sexy AF “Sugar Rush Ride” Music Video

#4 is almost too much for our hearts.

TXT‘s “Sugar Rush Ride” music video is finally here! As the positive reactions from fans prove, it was a hit from start to finish.

Check out some of the best parts from the MV below!

1. Yeonjun’s Head Drop

First up, Yeonjun was sexy the entire time.

2. Their Expressions

In fact, everyone in TXT knows how to capture an audience.

3. Beomgyu’s Acting

Beomgyu’s acting is on another level.

4. Their Muscles

As a pleasant surprise, Soobin


…and Taehyun all graced MOAs with a peek of their muscular physiques.

5. Their Vocals

TXT made it seem like singing in falsetto is easy.

6. Hueningkai’s Glitter Game

Hueningkai’s visuals are insane.

7. Beomgyu’s “Gimme”

Beomgyu always does the killing part perfectly.

8. Their Dancing

We can always expect a dynamic choreography from TXT.

9. The Bridge

The dance break in the bridge of the song was everything.

10. Beomgyu’s Smirk

Blink and you might miss this gem of a scene.

11. Soobin’s Blue Eyes

We couldn’t look away from Soobin either.

12. Yeonjun’s Tongue

When Yeonjun’s tongue slightly poked out, it killed us all.

13. The Last Few Seconds

Finally, TXT ended the song strongβ€”and they made us want to watch it all over again.

Check out the full music video below!

Source: YouTube


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