How TXT’s Taehyun Makes His Abs Look Flawless On Stage

There’s a whole process to make sure they’re captured in their best light.

TXT‘s Taehyun hits the gym so much that BTS‘s Jungkook even steps in as his workout buddy. Although both idols have abs from their hard work, making them shine on stage takes a little more effort.


While Jungkook shared his secret to making his abs look their best on stage, Taehyun revealed a different method for getting them camera ready.

| Weverse

In a T:TIME clip before the group completed a pre-recording, Taehyun was already preparing by doing one hundred sit-ups—even with his injured finger in a cast.

Since it could be easy to lose track of so many sit-ups, Taehyun said, “If I lose count, I just do five more.” There was a specific reason why he did so many sit-ups to prepare his abs.

How toned idols’ abs look on stage doesn’t always come through because of lighting. Taehyun revealed, “Under the stage lighting, this sometimes goes away. Even your abs disappear.

Taehyun didn’t take any shortcuts with his mini-workout, either. Not only does he do sit-ups, but he also does leg raises to make his lower abs look just as sharp as the upper ones.

Watch Taehyun show the extra effort that goes into making sure his abs get captured in their best light on stage.