TXT’s Taehyun Cleverly Gifts Sneak Peek At New Hair Color Ahead Of Comeback

Taehyun knows exactly what the fans want.

After releasing their first full album The Dream Chapter: Magic in Korea and debuting in Japan with their first single album Magic Hour, TXT are preparing for another Korean comeback.

Although they haven’t released any details about it or officially announced it, the group has been hyping it up during their live broadcasts whenever fans ask about it. Since fans are eager for any hints they can get, the group has been delivering, both accidentally and possibly on purpose.

A few days ago, Yeonjun accidentally revealed his new blond hair color during his live mukbang, even though he’d done his best at trying to hide it by wearing a hat and a hood on top. Following his lead, Taehyun ended up doing the exact same thing.

During Taehyun’s live broadcast that recently aired, he was dressed the same way as Yeonjun. With a hat and hood over the top of it, fans didn’t think they’d be catching a glimpse of his hair color—until they did.

While reading comments and chatting with MOAs, all Taehyun did was reach inside his hoodie to scratch his ear, or move the hair out of his way. Everyone got a sneak peek at his bright red hair.

Seeing Taehyun with red hair is a look that fans are fully prepared to see, already having edits ready to show just what it might look like.

Others are so excited for the look that they’re prepared to pretend to be shocked upon seeing it later during the official comeback.

Either way, MOAs can’t wait until their comeback. Between the members’ teasing about it and the new hair colors, everyone’s excited about what’s planned.

See the up-close moment of the new color that eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice.