A Fan’s Boyfriend Was Jealous Of TXT’s Taehyun But He Only Had A Savage Response For Them

He also gave a sweet response.

TXT‘s Taehyun is known for being both warm to fans, yet totally realistic and savage. He also often takes time to reply fans on Weverse. A MOA recently shared a screenshot of their conversation with their boyfriend.

  • Boyfriend: “Babe, why is your PFP another man?”
  • MOA: “Nah. It’s a celebrity. He’s the person I like.”
  • Boyfriend: “Can’t you just like me only?”
  • MOA: “I’m sorry but TXT is too handsome…”
  • Boyfriend: “I’m jealous…”

The MOA typed a short caption that read, “guys…my boyfriend is jealous of you guys” to go along with the screenshot. Taehyun chanced upon the post and shot off a quick reply.

I’m going to leave a comment so all the other MOAs will see it. I can’t let it pass and be the only one to see it.

— Taehyun

If an artist leaves a comment on a post, other fans can immediately receive a notification and see the post. MOAs began cackling at his savage response as they felt that the MOA was “creating her own embarrassing past” and Taehyun was cementing it in history for all to see. The MOA that posted the screenshot was obviously young, leading other MOAs to both cringe at their post as well as laugh at how adorable it was.

  • “No…”
  • “Hey…”
  • “I mean…”
  • “Legendary.”

Another MOA was curious as to why Taehyun chose that post.

  • MOA: “Why are you only leaving a comment on that post about the boyfriend?”
  • Taehyun: “Cuz it’s cute, isn’t it?”

Unfortunately for the OP MOA, their post is now going down as part of TXT and MOA history. After all, it’s been broadcast to all the other MOAs subscribed to Weverse. At least they got a sweet reply from Taehyun out of it!

Source: theqoo