TXT’s Taehyun Turns Into A Dating Coach To Help A Fan Confess To Their Crush

The fan needed a bit of help.

The members of TXT aren’t strangers to helping fans with their problems, giving them much-needed advice. This time, Taehyun turned into a dating coach to help a fan confess to their crush.


Finding their way to Weverse, a fan decided to ask TXT for some dating advice. A fan asked, “Should I tell my crush about my feelings or nah?” To make sure they followed through with a choice, they made another option.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

The fan also wrote, “If Kang Taehyun replies, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Since the MOA asked, they did indeed receive the answer.

Being the witty and funny guy he is, Taehyun came to the rescue and gave the sign the fan needed.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Making sure the fan expressed themselves to their crush, Taehyun commented on the fan’s post by laughing and encouraging them to follow through on their promise.

Hahahahahahaha, DO IT! Go, go!

— Taehyun

The fan’s question and Taehyun’s answer. | Weverse

Even when it comes to dating, Taehyun doesn’t mind sharing his advice and becoming MOAs’ dating coach. Soobin also lent fans some help on whether they should confess to a crush.