TXT’s Taehyun Had The Most Savage Response To An International Fan Who “Cycled To Korea” For Him

The MOA who cried wolf.

It’s not uncommon for fans to tell a little white lie to get the attention of their idols. The most common is for fans to claim it’s their birthday during live streams or fansigns. This international fan took things a step further and claimed to have cycled all the way to Seoul from their country, just to meet TXT‘s Taehyun.

| theqoo

Taehyun-ah, I rode a bicycle all the way to Seoul. I’m tired but it’s all for you!

— Fan

The fan even attached a photo of a road map that showed an avatar cycling past China and into Seoul. Of course, it would actually be rather impossible to cycle that far. It seems like Taehyun knew it too, for he had the most savage response to them.

Response from TXT’s Taehyun. | theqoo

I’m sorry but, if you cross that line you see above Seoul on bicycle, you’re in huge trouble.

— Taehyun

If you look closely, you’ll realize that the line he refers to is none other than the DMZ that separates North Korea from South. As North Korea takes security and intruders very seriously, if the fan had truly taken the drawn path, they would have been trapped in North Korea.

We’re sure the fan didn’t mind the savage response! They even enthusiastically thanked Taehyun for the response after.

Source: theqoo