TXT Taehyun’s Most Memorable World Tour Moment Came From Indonesian Fans

They helped calm his nervousness.

After catching the COVID-19 virus and being forced to quarantine in early November 2022, TXT‘s Taehyun had an interview with Elle Korea to update fans on his condition and answer 11 of their most burning questions.

TXT’s Taehyun | 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

He talked about how much he missed his members and who made the extra effort to comfort him while he was sick.

Taehyun also took the opportunity to thank his fans for all the love they had given TXT. When asked what the most memorable part of their first world tour was, he struggled to come up with an answer because there were so many good moments.

Eventually, Taehyun said, “It could be because it was a pretty recent event. When we went to Jakarta, Indonesia, before the show started, only our music videos were being shown, but the roar of the crowds was so loud.

The boys could feel the passion of their Indonesian fans even while they were preparing backstage!

The cheers helped Taehyun relax before TXT’s performance, boosting his confidence.

Watch the full interview below. Taehyun talks about his most memorable moment during TXT’s first world tour at the 2:07 mark.


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