TXT’s Taehyun Names Three Painfully Accurate Reasons You Should Like Him — And You Can’t Disagree With His Logic

His last reason is so him. 😂

TXT‘s Taehyun is loved by MOA for millions of reasons. However, at a recent fansign event, a fan asked him to list the top 3 reasons he thinks people should like him.

His first reason is that his character is constantly developing and changing.

As fans get to know more about Taehyun, they see more of the unique sides of his personality. From his mature, brainiac side…

…to his super cute and playful side, you never know which version of him you’ll get!

For his next reason, he chose his sense of humor!

He’s a comedic king and has a dry sense of humor.

You’ll find yourself laughing along with him!

His last reason? He chose none other than his gorgeous face!

He’s definitely not wrong about that!

In fact, nobody can handle his stunning visuals — especially in real life!

When those three reasons come together, it’s no wonder that everyone falls for him!