TXT’s Taehyun Reveals How Popular He Was Before His Debut

“You must’ve had female students that had crushes on you.”

TXT‘s Taehyun‘s charm is undeniable and it seems he has been since even before his debut!

During his recent appearance on TMI News, Taehyun showed off his adorable childhood photos. Clearly from his photos, Taehyun was cool from the day he was born!


The show’s MC, Jun Hyun Moo recognized Taehyun had idol-like visuals even in his younger years and asked, “Did you think you would become a celebrity in the future?”

Humbly, Taehyun shared he didn’t have any senses of him achieving a celebrity career when he was young and that it all just fell into place.

At the time, I honestly didn’t know but it somehow turned out like this.

— Taehyun

Though he might not have noticed his path to fame, Taehyun must have at least noticed his popularity in school. Jun Hyun Moo then commented, “You must’ve had female students that had crushes on you.” The show’s other MC Jang Do Yeon agreed and claimed, “He would have been so popular.”

Surprisingly, Taehyun revealed that he couldn’t really recognize his popularity from his fellow students at school. Instead, Taehyun explained he was popular among casting managers! Taehyun truly was born to be a star!

I couldn’t really feel it among the same years (same grade), but I was popular among casting managers.

— Taehyun

Check out the video below:


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