TXT Taehyun Reveals That His Sister Stood Up To Their Family For Him To Become An Idol

His older sister stood by him and said what needed to be said.

Through Weverse Magazine, every member of TXT has the opportunity to open up about their past experiences and what they’re feeling in the present.

In the process, Taehyun ended up sharing that part of his family hadn’t been supportive of his idol dream, similar to how Soobin‘s mother had opposed the idea as well.

Fortunately for Taehyun, his older sister stepped in and helped turn the tables to make the path a possibility.

Since the moment a trainee receives the news they’re going to debut is a major turning point in their life, Kang Myung Seok asked Taehyun how he’d reacted. “Do you remember how the other members reacted when your hard work paid off and you passed the extremely difficult debut evaluation?

While Yeonjun had broken down into tears of joy, Taehyun only had one thing he’d wanted to do. He had to inform his sister, “Yeonjun cried, and I called my sister.” He then opened up on why she was the first he needed to tell rather than his parents.

Although his mother hadn’t been an obstacle in pursuing his dream, Taehyun admitted that his dad was. At least, until his sister stepped in. “My father was a bit against my dream, but my sister stood up for me.

Wanting to give her little brother the freedom he deserved, his sister convinced their father to let Taehyun chase after his dream: “She told Dad to let me do it if there was an opportunity.

Because his sister had been the one to give him the chance, Taehyun couldn’t think of anyone else to tell when discovering that he’d reached the ultimate goal. “I called my sister because I thought she had really been rooting for me to debut, and now I finally could.

From how well TXT has been received from debut until now, Taehyun has not only made his sister proud but fans and his members as well.

Source: Weverse Magazine