Netizens Are Gushing Over TXT Yeonjun’s Black Hair, And So Are We

It’s been two years since he’s had black hair!

On an online forum, a netizen MOA posted about TXT Yeonjun‘s black hair–proving that we’re all going crazy over it!

The original post included many gifs of him in their latest concept teaser for their upcoming comeback, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. It garnered nearly 50k views with 530 upvotes.

This is the first time since their debut two years ago that the idol has had black hair!

For over 2 years, his scalp never rested and finally, they didn’t spray but dyed his hair black ㅠㅠ. After their concept trailer, he was trending #8 worldwide and the reactions were good. He also danced so well in the trailer.. you have to watch it ㅠㅠ.


The majority of the comments on the post were praising his black hair, as well as his dance skills showed off in the concept trailer.

“Look at Choi Yeonjun using his body,” wrote one commenter. “He’s freaking good.”

  • “Why did he only dye his hair black now? It f*cking suits him.”
  • “He seriously looks mesmerizing.”
  • “The sleeveless shirt is crazy.”

Another MOA brought up an older gif of the idol, saying, “His duality is awesome. Is this really the same person?ㅋㅋ”

It’s not just netizen MOAs freaking out over him: it’s every MOA!

Another tweet proclaiming that his black hair has returned has garnered almost 3k likes!

What do you think about his black hair?

Source: Pann Choa


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