TXT Yeonjun’s Crop Top Makes Waves For How Their Stylist Tweaked The Original

Their stylists may need a raise for the clever choice.

Less than a week ago, TXT‘s Yeonjun took Twitter by storm worldwide for his cowboy look that had everyone pleasantly surprised and wanting more.

In the latest teaser for the group’s comeback with “Blue Hour” from minisode1 : Blue Hour, Yeonjun had fans going wild for another reason.

| BigHitLabels/YouTube

In a few scenes that gave everyone a glimpse of their upcoming choreography for the track, no one could keep their eyes off the bright crop top that Yeonjun wore.

| BigHitLabels/YouTube

In a pink shade that perfectly complemented his hair color, fans couldn’t help but find out more about the clothing item. It turned out to be completely different than they were expecting. It hadn’t been a crop top at all.

| BigHitLabels/YouTube

The shirt was from the luxury brand Balenciaga, coming in at $1345 USD. Rather than a cropped shirt, it was actually a full turtleneck sweater. While many were surprised that the stylist took a risk by cutting such an expensive shirt, they all agreed that it was a worthwhile risk.

| @soobinscenery/Twitter

The new cropped length of the sweater rested within the perfect area to suit Yeonjun’s figure—rather than the full size swallowing him up. Everyone can agree that TXT’s stylists need a raise for this clever choice.

| BigHitLabels/YouTube


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