TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals Why It Is So Important To Be Mindful Of The Messages You Send To Idols On Social Media

Words can hurt everyone!

With the creation of social media, a culture has been created where many people think that their words don’t have consequences. Some netizens feel as if they can be rude to idols, and it won’t make a difference because it’s online or because they shouldn’t be impacted by it!

During a recent live stream, TXT‘s Yeonjun was impacted by this after a troll commented something rude in the chat. Although leader Soobin came to his rescue, it was not called for!

Yeonjun recently appeared on a solo broadcast and spoke about the topic after a fan sent a message saying he was perfect and not to listen to anything that makes him sad. Being the amazing person he is, Yeonjun tried to assure fans that he was okay.

Don’t worry about those things, MOA. I know what you’re talking about, but I’m fine. I don’t care. I wish you don’t care about it too.

— Yeonjun

Although he explained that he was okay, Yeonjun continued to explain that mean comments can affect people even though he wasn’t hurt.

In particular, he looked at other idols in the industry who are also subjected to unnecessarily harsh words.

But there are many people who feel so hurt about mean comments. Those people who work in my industry, I know many people react to it sensitively and get hurt.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun then added that because many artists monitor their activity and releases, he hopes MOAs won’t send them anything that could upset them.

Many artists check those comments. You can just think about it in your head, but some write it out online. And the artists will get hurt because of it. I hope you won’t do that.


Even though sometimes netizens seem to forget, Yeonjun explained that nobody deserves mean comments and that it is vital to always be respectful.

I don’t think they deserve to hear all those mean comments. Anyway, please respect them. Please respect them as a person.

— Yeonjun

As expected, Yeonjun handled the situation maturely and ensured that he could use the issue and educate K-Pop fans on the impact words can have on idols.

Source: VLIVE