TXT’s Yeonjun Once Earned The Nickname Of A Real Life “Cinderella,” And Here’s How He Feels About It Now

He handled it like a Disney Prince!

TXT‘s Yeonjun has been known to have several nicknames. From the “4th generation it-boy,” “Big Hit’s Legendary Trainee,” and more, he has caught the attention of fans worldwide for his insane talent, dazzling visuals, and charming charisma. Yet, it seems as if there is one that might surprise newer fans!

TXT’s Yeonjun | @txt_members/ Twitter

Yeonjun recently appeared in a video for ELLE Korea where he broke down some rumors, from whether he is still the strongest in the group, his dieting regimes, and much more!

One of the rumors that Yeonjun spoke about was, “Is it true that you call yourself Yeonderella?” For many MOAs, there is a well-known story behind this nickname!

Although some fans know the backstory, Yeonjun recalled the moment that led to this nickname, and it is clear to see why he has been called “Yeonderella!”

When we were promoting ‘Run Away’ in Japan, my shoes came off once on stage, and I just danced like that…

— Yeonjun

When the incident happened, fans shared footage of the clip but also couldn’t help but praise Yeonjun for his professional reaction, which meant that he didn’t let it impact him.

In fact, rather than stopping and making it more of an issue, Yeonjun continued dancing like the true professional he is, and fans couldn’t get enough.

During the interview, Yeonjun explained how he felt about the nickname, and it seems as if it was also his reaction that stood out the most and made him not as bothered about the nickname.

My fans call me Yeonderella. But still, I finished it well like a professional. I didn’t care about it.

— Yeonjun

Although Yeonjun has been called Yeonderella for this reason, there is no denying that he also has Cinderella’s grace, elegance, and style and would be the perfect Disney Prince for any franchise!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ELLE Korea