TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals Why He Pursued Dancing—Even When He Wasn’t Yet Good At It

His blood, sweat, and tears created the talented dancer he is now.

During TXT‘s Yeonjun‘s individual interview with Vogue Korea, he opened up about once being the “worst dancer at the academy” and revealed that he didn’t have any natural talent in dancing. Still, he didn’t let those obstacles stop him on the way to becoming one of the best dancers in K-Pop and revealed why.

Since Yeonjun mentioned having lackluster skills in dancing, the magazine asked, “You said you couldn’t dance. So why did you want to dance?

When he was young, he didn’t have one particular thing he was passionate about. Yeonjun said, “I’d never worked really hard at something before.

At least, until dancing came into the picture. He said, “And the one thing I did work hard at was dancing.

Dancing soon became something Yeonjun couldn’t live without. He said, “I thought I could live a happy life if I did this.

All of Yeonjun’s hard work paid off. Not only did he become a dancer that makes the rankings for top K-Pop dancers, but he’s become an all-rounder idol that can do it all.

If he hadn’t worked so hard to excel, he wouldn’t be the TXT member everyone knows today.

Source: Vogue Korea


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