TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals The Body Parts He’s Most Confident In

He couldn’t help but show them off.

In a segment of SBS‘s Inkigayo Check-In, TXT battled it out in a game of rock, paper, scissors to find out who would reveal the body parts they’re most confident in.


During the final battle between Yeonjun and Beomgyu, the former lost. Yeonjun took one for the team by showing off his most precious body parts.

The first one he was confident in was his eyes. Out of all his members, he’s the only one without double eyelids.

To show off his monolids, he cutely winked once with each eye before winking with both.

He then moved onto his second most-cherished body part: his lips. Since they resemble those of ducks’, many people like them. To give fans what they want, he did his best duck pout.

My lips are like ducks, so people like this.

His final body part is something that everyone can’t help but notice about him. He has exceptionally long legs, especially in comparison to his shorter upper half. To show how long they were, Taehyun resorted to moving the table out of the way for the full view.

Yeonjun proved that no one could beat him when it came to legs by giving a high kick.

Yeonjun is already confident in himself. With his unique eyes, lips, and legs, he can’t be beaten. Watch him showcase his best physical traits here.