Here’s What TXT’s Yeonjun Said When A Fan Revealed Their Crush On Soobin

His sassy side came out. πŸ˜‚

A fan recently told TXT‘s Yeonjun something he didn’t expect to hear at a fansign event — and his reaction was priceless!

| @TXT_members/Twitter

It all started when OP revealed they were worried about something recently and Yeonjun wanted to know what was wrong.

As they began to share that they have a crush on someone, Yeonjun confidently began to motion towards himself.

However, his expression suddenly changed when he heard that it was Soobin OP was crushing on!

He hilariously acted as if it was time to hang up the call.

Soo[bin]? Bye~~ See you next time!

— Yeonjun

However, he gave OP one more chance to make things right, ready to hear his own name this time!

Try saying it again! *laughs*

— Yeonjun

TXT loves having fun by joking around with their fans. Watch the full adorable clip below!