TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals Why He Struggles With Getting Close To Soobin’s Hedgehog Odi

Do these two cuties get along?

TXT‘s Yeonjun recently spilled the tea on his relationship with Soobin‘s hedgehog Odi in a recent live broadcast.

As many MOAs know, Soobin adopted cute little Odi back on April 2 and was later revealed in several adorable photos shared by Soobin in June.

With all the lovely Odi content Soobin has been providing, it’s clear he and his hedgehog have a precious friendship, but does Odi get along with the rest of the members? In a recent live broadcast, a fan asked Yeonjun that very question.

During his live broadcast, Yeonjun read a question by a viewer that read, “Are you close with Odi?” Without hesitation, Yeonjun admitted, “I’m not close with Odi!

According to Yeonjun, not only is he not close with Odi, but the others members don’t have a close bond with him either.

He doesn’t want to open up to me. He’s also like that with the other members.

— Yeonjun

As adorable as it is, hopefully, Odi will open up to all the members soon. For now it seems that Soobin has Odi all to himself!

Source: Naver TV


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