TXT’s Yeonjun Is On His Way To Becoming AOTY (ATINY Of The Year)

“Can we just make him the president of ATINY?”

At the Golden Disk Awards, TXT‘s Yeonjun got to reunite with his close friends in ATEEZ, especially his best friend Wooyoung.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung And San Wouldn’t Let Anyone Stop Them From Being Near TXT’s Yeonjun

That wasn’t the only interaction between the two groups that had fans begging for more. Yeonjun found his way into the hearts of many ATEEZ fans with the support he showed the group.

During ATEEZ’s “Wonderland” performance, Yeonjun didn’t hesitate to dance to the exact choreography. Without a care in the world, he threw his hands up and jammed along to the song.

Yeonjun was so into his dancing and singing that it rubbed off on his own members. By then, Soobin and Hueningkai were nodding along too. Seeing this warmed the hearts of ATINYs.

That wasn’t the first time Yeonjun showed his support for his friends by giving such an enthusiastic reaction. This one made them confident he could become their fan club president, though.

If he did, one fan then suggested that Wooyoung should become the fan club president for TXT.

Since Wooyoung already promotes TXT any chance he gets, that doesn’t seem like a bad compromise at all.

See Yeonjun snatch up votes for becoming the president of ATEEZ’s fan club here.