TXT’s Hueningkai Follows in Jungkook’s Footsteps, Harassing His Hyungs

He continues to put his hyungs in check.

Staying true to TXT‘s boyish and lively image, the youngest member Huening Kai was spotted clowning around at a recent fan-signing event.

Fancams show that he was clearly having fun with the many fan gifts that had been brought for TXT.

Fans also noticed that Hueningkai had an uncontrollable tendency of annoying his hyungs at the same fan signing.

First, he began hitting Soobin‘s face with a spring gun, trying to hit the disco balls on Soobin’s sunglasses.

Next, he continued to target Soobin by shooting bubbles into his face with a bubble blaster.

When Hueningkai continued annoying him, Soobin began retaliating against the maknae and the two were briefly engaged in a full-on bubble fight.

Even when Soobin briefly stopped to look at his bubble gun, Hueningkai continued to blast bubbles straight at his hyung’s face.

Later, Hueningkai began blowing flower petals towards his fans, even spreading them out to express his love.

Soobin and Yeonjun couldn’t help but laugh at their maknae’s antics.

Fans on Twitter were highly appreciative of Hueningkai’s charm and his interactions with the rest of TXT.

It seems that similar to the original golden maknae Jungkook, Hueningkai will continue to target his hyungs with his mischief.

Fans of both groups are pleased to note that it looks like the dynamics of Big Hit Entertainment‘s two boy groups are highly similar.

Source: Elite Daily


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