TXT’s Hueningkai Is Truly BTS J-Hope’s Student When It Comes To Charming Fans

He learned from the best, after all.

BTS‘s J-Hope previously taught TXT‘s Hueningkai a fool-proof method to capture fans’ hearts, so he wanted to check if Hueningkai had been able to use it during their second meeting on One Dream.TXT.

Hueningkai revealed that he hadn’t been able to use J-Hope’s specific method. But, he had been able to put a bit of a twist on it by pulling a heart out of his pocket. So, he demonstrated how he did it for them.

J-Hope asked, “What’s in your pocket?” Hueningkai told him to wait a moment while he reached in it. Then he pulled a finger heart out and said, “The love from our fans,” which is exactly what J-Hope had taught him to say on their first meeting.

Immediately afterward, J-Hope smiled the brightest smile because of how well Hueningkai did. And, the rest of BTS were just as impressed as they smiled and laughed at Hueningkai’s cuteness. They all declared that he was truly J-Hope’s student.

Hueningkai may not always be able to use J-Hope’s specific method to charm fans, but he’s always able to adapt what he’s learned to just about any situation. And, that makes J-Hope more than proud.

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