TXT’s Ice Cream Debate Is The Most Relatable Thing You’ll See Today

They can’t agree, and it’s just too funny.

During a live broadcast, TXT answered fans’ questions and one was very familiar. They were asked what their favorite ice cream flavor was.

While on their showcase tour, Taehyun received this question and gave an interesting answer that mint chocolate definitely wasn’t his.

Yeonjun and Hueningkai didn’t share his viewpoint because they both said, “Mint chocolate” at exactly the same time and gave each other a high-five.

Beomgyu sighed in exasperation. Soobin fell on the floor and Taehyun put his hand on his head as they both shouted, “No.” Then, Soobin said, “Toothpaste,” in regards to its flavor just like Taehyun had during their showcase.

It seems like they’ll never agree on the same flavor, and that’s totally fine. Everyone doesn’t agree with their friends about everything, otherwise life wouldn’t be as fun. That’s why their debate was more than entertaining.

Check out the chaos over ice cream at 27:13.