TXT’s Soobin Ditching Yeonjun For Food Is An Entire Mood Everyone Can Relate To

Yeonjun was waiting, but the pie was calling Soobin’s name.

TXT‘s Soobin more than loves his sweets, and there’s nothing that can pull him away from them. Not even his own members can interfere.


When Soobin had been at a bakery, enjoying his free time, he was given a mission to find Yeonjun with the added benefit of winning a prize.

Soobin questioned how he was supposed to find him based only on a signal he couldn’t receive. But, the thought went completely out of the window soon after.

When the pie he ordered was placed on the table, it changed everything for Soobin. Instead of thinking of the task at hand, he said, “Yeonjun is important, but…

I’m gonna have this pie first.” So, he plunged his fork into the pie and showed just how much he enjoyed the taste. In the process, he forgot all about Yeonjun.

Everyone’s had a moment where they’ve wanted food more than anything else, just like Soobin. Watch him be tempted by sweets instead of finding Yeonjun here.