TXT’s Soobin Reveals His Dreams For The Future

It is enough to make your heart melt!

TXT recently appeared in an eye-catching editorial for Vogue Korea, where each member had their own individual interview.

The meaning of the group’s name comes from the desire for five individuals to “Come together under one dream in hopes of building a better tomorrow.”

In Soobin‘s portion, he revealed that his initial dream was for personal happiness. He then spoke more about how he wanted the same for his bandmates. Despite the outcome, he wants the group “To be happy and have fun.

At the beginning of our debut, we watched our music video countless times to increase the number of views, and we purposely searched for the sound source, but now I don’t care much about the result.

— Soobin

On this topic, he also recalled his trainee days and how his reaction to receiving criticism was different from his peers.

Whilst other trainees would go wrong in their evaluations and blame themselves, Soobin had a different mindset and did not allow himself to be swayed.

What can I do? It’s not like I can go back in time. I’ll just do  better next time.

When asked what he thinks the narrative for TXT will be, Soobin replied that even though he doesn’t like sad endings, he would choose that because it is normally memorable. He added that it is also because, when series end sadly, they end and can start fresh!

After becoming only the second Korean artist to have a Japanese album on the Billboard 200 Chart, there will undoubtedly be a happy ending because the future is bright for TXT.

You can read the rest of the member’s interviews in the latest edition of Vogue Korea!

Source: Vogue Korea