TXT’s Taehyun Helping Huening Kai Makes Him The Responsible Friend We All Need

We could all use a friend like Taehyun.

Part of an idol group’s brand is their signature greeting. As a rookie group, TXT are just beginning to use their greeting. So, it wasn’t unforgivable for Huening Kai to miss the correct timing during theirs.

The next time they did their greeting though, Taehyun made sure to alert Huening Kai just in time. Taehyun held his hand out in front of Huening Kai, signalling what to do and when to do it.

Taehyun stepping in and making sure his friend did what he was supposed to when he was supposed to is exactly the kind of friend we all need. A fan even joked that Taehyun knew Huening Kai depended on him.

Someone even called Taehyun’s timing so perfect that it was savage. He was so determined to make Huening Kai get the greeting correct that he wouldn’t allow him to be late by even a second.

But Taehyun did what he could to help his friend, and that makes him someone valuable. Who couldn’t use a responsible friend who has no problem letting you know what you’ve done wrong and how to fix it?


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