Tyler, The Creator Makes Surprise Appearance In G-Dragon’s “BULLSHIT” MV

American rapper Tyler, The Creator made a special appearance in G-Dragon’s exclusive new music video.


Originally, the music video was supposed to only be available to fans who owned his USB album on his birthday.

Only Fans Who Own G-Dragon’s USB Album Will See His New Music Video

However, some wanted to share the masterpiece with others and uploaded it for the general public to see.

Since the word “개/dog” was part of the word “bullshit/개소리,” many were seen throughout the video.


There were also gorgeous and mesmerizing dancers in a wrestling cage.


Most importantly, it also contained amazing shots of G-Dragon himself!

Tyler, The Creator surprised many by unexpectedly appearing alongside G-Dragon in a few scenes!

Together, both legend rappers were bopping their heads to the sick beat!

As expected, G-Dragon’s gift to fans on his birthday was beyond compare!