Tzuyu has grown so tall, TWICE had to change their choreography

Tzuyu has been adjusting her height during every “KNOCK KNOCK” stage performance for the sake of creating the perfect ending pose.

TWICE‘s maknae, Tzuyu, is known to be the tallest member of her group with an official height of 170 centimeters (5′7″).  Although her profile states that she’s 170 centimeters tall, fans believe that her real height is around 172 cm (5’8″).

Recently, many have noticed that Tzuyu has been bending her knees for “KNOCK KNOCK’s” ending pose in order to match Mina‘s height for a symmetrical formation. According to their official profiled heights, the height difference between Tzuyu and Mina is 7 centimeters!

For the ending move, Mina is positioned to stand on the opposite end of Tzuyu. Since their height difference may make the ending post to be asymmetric, Tzuyu has been adjusting her height during each performance for the perfect picture. Although other members lower themselves too, you could tell that Tzuyu’s move was not originally a part of the original choreography because Mina is always seen standing straight.

Take a look at Tzuyu cutely adjusting her height at the end of each “KNOCK KNOCK” performances below!

Tzuyu lowered herself a tad too much during this performance.

Her height adjustments just make her seem even more adorable!!

In TWICE’s dance practice video, Tzuyu stands a bit closer to the camera than Mina in an attempt to match her height.