Tzuyu Teases ONCE With A Hair Colour Filter And Now ONCEs Are Begging Her To Make It A Reality

What hair colour suits Tzuyu best and why is it this one?

TWICE’s Tzuyu posted four gorgeous selfies to the group’s official Instagram and fans were instantly taken to her two-colour ombré hair.

Tzuyu pulled the carpet out from underneath ONCE soon after when she wrote:

You thought I dyed my hair, right? Hehe, I’m sorry. I just tried it out with a filter.

– Tzuyu

After a flood of compliments, the answer should have been pretty clear but Tzuyu posed a question to ONCE:

In ONCE’s opinion, what hair colour do you think would suit me well?

– Tzuyu


So, ONCEs, what hair colour do you think would suit Tzuyu the best?