Tzuyu’s Touching Reaction To Her Member’s Prank Reveals Her True Love For Nayeon

The sweetest reaction to a prank ever!

ONCEs know that although Nayeon is a total sweetheart, she’s also a bit of a prankster. In the past, she’s pulled a number of light-hearted pranks on her fellow TWICE members and it doesn’t look like she’s going to be stopping any time soon.


During a recent livestream, Nayeon decided to prank the group’s maknae by pretending that her leg was stuck underneath the bed.


After calling Tzuyu to her room, Nayeon cried out that her leg was stuck and she couldn’t move.


The unsuspecting maknae didn’t notice the camera recording the whole thing because she was so focused on her unnie!


But things only got sweeter from there! When Nayeon started crying, Tzuyu asked if she needed to call the managers to lift the bed off of Nayeon’s leg and quickly checked on the situation.


After a few beats, Tzuyu attempted lifting the whole bed herself!


And when Nayeon cried out in mock pain, Tzuyu quickly lowered the bed and went to check on her unnie once again.


Fans think it is the softest and sweetest moment they have ever witnessed and proves just how much Tzuyu loves Nayeon!


But it wasn’t just Tzuyu that got pranked and showed some major love for Nayeon in her moment of need. Fans have also been praising how Chaeyoung handled the whole situation!


Even though this was all meant to be a prank, it turned out to be one of the sweetest moments we’ve ever seen!

Source: @TwiceuStan