Tzuyu Is A True Language Prodigy

Originally from Taiwan, Tzuyu understands both Mandarin and Taiwanese, and often speaks to Chinese and Taiwanese fans for the group.

Tzuyu often speaks Mandarin when receiving awards and at performances.

But the other TWICE members specifically noted that Tzuyu sometimes speaks Taiwanese when she’s very sleepy.

“Sometimes Tzuyu speaks Taiwanese when she gets sleepy.”

When Tzuyu first joined TWICE’s survival show SIXTEEN, her teaser was in Mandarin because she wasn’t confident enough in her Korean yet.

Tzuyu’s improved quite a lot since her debut, although she still makes some cute mistakes now and then when speaking in Korean.

But now, with TWICE having just debuted in Japan, Tzuyu has joined Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung in learning Japanese.

Fans recently spotted Tzuyu outside of JYP Entertainment, and noticed that she was holding a Japanese language textbook to help her learn. 

But what was intriguing was that the book was in Korean!

Fans were impressed, noting that Tzuyu’s Korean language skills must have improved a lot for her to be able to use a Korean textbook to learn Japanese.

Although she’s still a high school student, Tzuyu is already quite the language prodigy.

In addition to Mandarin, Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese, Tzuyu has also learned a bit of English in school and for TWICE’s trips abroad.

At just 18 years old, Tzuyu is already quite a language prodigy!