Not Even Bad Angles Can Make TWICE’s Tzuyu Look Any Less Stunning

She jokingly tried to make a double chin, but that ended up looking damn cute, too.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Chaeyoung recently held a live broadcast while being inside a car to their next destination.

What drew particular attention was how Tzuyu completely disregarded using flattering camera angles but still managed to highlight her outstanding beauty.

During the broadcast, she placed the camera down which gave her fans a view of her face from below.

Despite this angle being known for being unflattering in most cases, Tzuyu proved that perception wrong by looking perfect as usual.

Regardless of the angle or position of the camera, Tzuyu’s face always looks effortlessly gorgeous, and that just goes to show that her reputation of being a “face genius” didn’t come from nowhere.

Source: Insight