U-Know Yunho Failed to Suppress His Competitive Spirit at His Niece’s First Birthday Party

He competed for the first place prize.

U-Know Yunho recently attended his niece’s first birthday party, and photos of it have been circulating in online communities.

The shared photos show Yunho wearing a casual suit and posing with his adorable niece.

What’s drawing particular attention is the photos of him participating in a prize-winning event where he managed to make it to the final round.

It appears that Yunho played rock-paper-scissors with the other participant, and it’s hard not to miss how hard Yunho was clenching his fist, possibly out of competitive spirit.

In the end, his determination paid off, because he ended up winning the first place prize.

What can also be noticed is the couple in the background with very big smiles on their faces as if they were very amused by Yunho’s win.

After seeing this, fans who know Yunho’s personality couldn’t help but commend his passion and competitive nature.






Source: Dispatch