This Girl Was Bullied Her Whole Life For Being Ugly…Until She Completely Transformed

This girl’s haters shut their mouths after seeing her shocking transformation.

The Korean reality show Let Me In takes in people with troubling stories of hardships and pain, and gifts them with complete makeovers using the nation’s top surgeons and tens of thousands of dollars worth of procedures.


One girl on the show named Shim Yu Ra had been teased and bullied throughout her entire life for her looks.



She had an extremely long jawline…

“I just wanted to crush my jaw onto the table.” ㅡ Shim Yu Ra


…And people had even given her the cruel nickname, “girl with the caved-in chest.”


After going through several operations, however, she emerged on the show looking like an entirely different person.



Her life changed completely. The smile and expression on her face said it all.




Since her transformation, she regained her confidence and was finally able to smile radiantly in her photoshoots.








The transformation really is amazing. The show Let Me In is proof that plastic surgery can be used as a tool to change people’s lives for the better.



Watch Shim Yu Ra’s transformation below:

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