Ulsan Elementary School Teacher Under Fire for Making Students Wash Underwear as “Homework”

The comments he makes about his grade 1 students are beyond inappropriate.

A male elementary school teacher from Ulsan is under fire for committing all sorts of inappropriate behavior against grade 1 students.

One netizen, who is the mother of one of his students, recently took to an online community to accuse the teacher of wrongful behavior.

My child entered elementary school this year. There are lots of weird things going on, but I’ll list a few. There’s really no answer to this man, so I don’t know how he can claim there’s no problem. He’s been a teacher at this school for a long time.

– Netizen

According to the screenshots shared with the post, one parent introduced their child on social media to which the teacher commented, “I fall in love with little princesses with charming smiles, oh yeah.

The teacher left many more inappropriate comments about his students on social media.

Gasp, I thought there were only beautiful girls, but there are handsome boys, too. Tell them I don’t like boys that are better-looking than me, Heh.

– Teacher

Gasp, there are so many beautiful girls in my class. Their boyfriends must be so happy.

– Teacher

Wow, charming and sexy XXXXX. You must be good at drawing. I’d better ask you to draw me, too.

– Teacher

The teacher claims he does this in order to boost his students’ self-confidence.

And that’s not all, according to the netizen, he even assigned his students to wash their own underwear.

He even asked his students to share photos of the underwear and left comments such as “Our little princess shyly cleared the mission”, “Pretty pajamas, pretty underwear, I feel shy“, and “I love your pink underwear, little princess“.

Furthermore, one YouTube channel shared a video of the students washing their own underwear and captioned it, “A happy filial festival held on the weekend. It’s not homework. It’s a festival.

The netizen expressed her discomfort and added that the other parents don’t see a problem.

Other parents are telling him, “Teacher, you’re so cool.”

– Netizen

In response to the outrage, Ulsan Office of Education stated, “We’ll investigate the teacher in question and enforce disciplinary action as needed.

Source: Dispatch