Umji Has Been GFRIEND’s Visual Member All Along

GFRIEND’s Umji is simply drop dead gorgeous.

GFRIEND‘s Umji went on an amazing weight loss journey and the result now has Koreans convinced that she is the strongest visual in her girl group!


Since January of 2018, when her transformation wowed everyone, Umji has been steadily climbing her way up to becoming the prettiest of them all.

GFRIEND’s Umji Looks Amazing After A Successful Diet and Style Change


Throughout the girl group’s latest “Time for the Moon Night” promotion, Umji has been charming K-Pop fans all over the world with her absolute beauty.


Umji now looks like a real-life princess, especially with the glitter under her eyes!


Umji is now, without a doubt, one of GFRIEND’s visual members!


Look how simply drop-dead gorgeous she has become!


Fans can’t help but fall in love with the confidence that Umji radiates!


GFRIEND fans look forward to seeing this beauty back on stage soon!