“The Uncanny Counter” Jo Byung Gyu Shows Respect And Love Towards Other Cast Members

Get ready for season 2!

With the first season of popular webtoon-based OCN K-Drama The Uncanny Counter being over, the cast and crew can’t help but feel sad.

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After giving his final thoughts about the drama, actor Jo Byung Gyu made sure to show some love to the other cast members.

It was a series of happy moments while filming for this drama. We said that we would not dwell on the results because we were happy filming, but we ultimately were happy with the end result and we think it’s because the process for filming it was difficult yet rewarding.

— Jo Byung Gyu

In regards to actor Yoo Jun Sang, who played the role of Ga Mo Tak, Jo stated, “Ga Mo Tak is the actual main character of this drama. He was an actor that I looked up to and he gave me a lot of good advice.”

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Do Hana, who was played by actress Kim Sejeong, was the same age as Jo. “I am jealous of her ability to be skilled in many things. Her talent was never average but always the top. Although jealous, I still leaned on her for support.”

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For actress Yeom Hyeran, this is her fifth time acting with Jo Byung Gyu. Jo revealed, “I’ve always seen her from far away in the five projects we worked on together. I wondered how she could be so good acting although there were a lot of difficult scenes. I asked a lot of advice from her throughout filming. I was serious but she didn’t tell me a lot of things. I hope she can give me more advice through text.”

Although the drama is over, there is no need to be sad! Reports have confirmed that a season 2 will be coming out very soon!

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