(★BREAKING) Underage female Idol cries for help online, after company forced them to be sexual with 40-year-old investors

She’s exposing the dark side of the entertainment industry and goes into detail about horrific things that happened to her and other girl group members.

An anonymous person, claiming to be an active K-Pop idol, has shared an in-depth story of being sexual harassed by those in the entertainment industry.

She claims to have secretly written the forum post behind her agency’s back, fearful that she would be silenced if they knew. She does not identify herself but shares horrific stories of what happened to her as a K-Pop idol.

Original Thread: “Hello, I am currently a celebrity”

“Hello, I’m an idol who’s currently active in the entertainment industry.

First, I want to write why I’m writing this, no… why I had to write it. If this post gets circulated around social media and news reports start writing about it, I’m so certain that my company and my identity will be revealed.

I don’t care if my identity is revealed… I simply hope that people will listen and understand the story that I’m about to write.”

— OP* (Original Poster)

Following this post, the OP goes into extreme detail about her company’s CEO and the horrific things that he’s done. She exposes him for selling one of the group members, just so the group could afford the costs of debuting.

She then talks about how they met sponsors (people who spend big $$$ to ‘buy’ idols and trainees time, but are basically buying their bodies) at bars and sauna’s.

This is not the first time that an idol or trainee has exposed the “sponsor” system in K-Pop. An anonymous ex-trainee spoke about the issue on MBC’s “PD Notebook” and revealed sponsors pay 5,000,000 KRW ($4,650 USD) for two “visits” a month.

The Group Meets The Sponsors At A Bar

“I still remember the day, a week before our music video shoot.

Our company’s CEO called the members into a regular bar, even though we had underaged minors in the group (three including me). The owner didn’t bother checking our IDs but instead directed us to the room that our CEO and four other men who we never saw before were sitting.

The CEO introduced them as people who greatly helped us to debut, so we thanked them without any suspicion. But all of a sudden, one of the men pointed at one of our members and told her to pour his drink, saying that alcohol tasted better when it’s poured by a woman.

Thinking back on it now, it was weird, but all we could think about at the time was that we were a team getting ready to debut and everything could fall apart if something went wrong.

So we poured their drinks. (All of the men were in the mid to late 40s.)”

— OP (Unconfirmed Female Idol)

Open World Entertainment’s CEO, Jang Seok Woo, was arrested in 2012 after being exposed for violently sexually abusing his artists. More than 30 victims were involved, including female trainees and male idols. Idol groups The Boss and X-5 were signed to the company at the time of his arrest.

The CEO Forces Trainee To Leave With Sponsor

“As they were drinking, our CEO turned to the man who looked to have the most power and asked which member caught his eye the most. The man picked out the prettiest member. We took it as a friendly gesture and she even thanked him.

The man started complimenting the visual member, “VM”, and how she was going to stand out in broadcasts, that she was a goddess. Then suddenly, he began boasting on how much influence he has in the entertainment industry and how he knew a lot of inside information. He told her that the bar was too loud, so he wanted her to go somewhere quiet with him to talk more about it.

“VM” began to feel scared as we all signaled for her to not follow him. She kindly thanked him and turned his offer down.

The man suddenly got angry as he started blaming “VM” for not having the correct mindset of someone preparing to debut. Our CEO signaled “VM” to leave with the man. We felt that something was terribly wrong, but “VM” told us that she’ll be fine and left with the man, seemingly to a nearby coffee shop.”

— OP (Unconfirmed Female Idol)

IBI‘s Kim Sohee is one of many idols who have previously been a victim of sexual harassment by the CEO of an entertainment company. Her former agencies CEO would constantly ask her to marry him and abuse his power over her. Kim Sohee is not the idol who created the forum post that’s discussed in this article.

“VM” Goes Missing After Leaving With The Sponsor

“After a couple of hours, our CEO told the rest of us to leave and we headed toward the practice rooms. But we felt drunk from the alcohol that the men poured us, so we went back to our dorm to sleep. (We arrived home around 3am, and “VM” left the bar around 1am.)

We were scheduled to wake up at 6am the next day, eat breakfast, and head over to our vocal lesson. When we woke up, “VM” still wasn’t home and we didn’t have cellphones back then so our manager unnie called the label. The label told her to just send the remaining members to practice.

We were all worried about the odd situation, but our manager took us to our lesson and told us that she’ll return with “VM”. We couldn’t focus on our lessons, but “VM” eventually returned. We all cried as we asked about what happened the night before.”

— OP (Unconfirmed Female Idol)

OP Reveals What The Sponsor Forced Her To Do

“VM” said that she went to a coffee shop with the man and just listened to everything he had to say. (What he said wasn’t that important so I’ll leave it out.) Time passed as he continued to talk, and “VM” couldn’t contact anyone since she had no phone. The man said, ‘oppa will give you money, so play with me’. He also said that she’ll be famous in the industry now.

Although “VM” refused and refused, the man rejected her refusal and threatened to destroy our debut plans. “VM” apologized while crying and continued to refuse, but the man got angry as he told her to do whatever she wants if she doesn’t want to debut. He started touching her hand. As time went by, “VM” said that he smiled while whispering in her ear that it didn’t have to be her. He would call out any of the other members.

“VM” didn’t want the other members pulled into the mess and agreed to be with him as long as he promised that they will only talk or go for a drive without any conditions. The man told her that he wouldn’t have gotten so mad if she would have agreed with him earlier. Since it was too late in the night, he told her to leave. But “VM” didn’t have any money or phone. Since they drove to the coffee shop in the man’s car, she didn’t know where she was. So the man said he’ll drive her to a sauna.

When she got to the sauna, she waited for the man to leave. As soon as he did, she tried to borrow a phone to call our manager but the man returned with snacks, telling her to sauna with him. “VM” was nervous as she was forced to be with him, and she snuck a peek at his phone to discover that it was already 4am.

The man passive-aggressively told “VM” to sleep if she felt tired, so “VM” had no choice but to fall asleep in the sauna. When she woke up, the man was gone, but he left ₩100,000 KRW ($93 USD) at the counter with a note saying that he’ll meet her soon.

“VM” borrowed the phone from the counter and called the label. Thankfully, “VM” was able to safely return to us, but the fact that the man can call “VM” out again whenever he wants scares me so much.”

— Female Idol

The Sponsor Contacts “VM” Again

“Time passed and we debuted (nothing happened in between so I’m skipping through), and we completed our first promotions with decent success. We started getting fans and our lives got busier, when our CEO visited us again.

He congratulated us on exceeding the companies expectations and to continue working harder. We thanked him, as we vowed to work harder. He said he had something else to talk to “VM” about and called her outside. When she returned, she said that the man told our CEO…”

— Female Idol

From here, the OP revealed that she was unable to continue sharing her story, as she feared her company catching her. She could not find the time to discreetly update her posts, without getting caught.

She revealed that the company had almost caught her, and that she was terrified. Since then, the OP removed her post but continued to beg readers to re-post her story, so that more people can learn about this side of the entertainment industry.

Kim Myo Sung, pictured above, is a reporter who has worked to expose sponsors and sexual harassment in the K-Pop industry. She revealed that even top tier idols have “prices” listed next to them in offer sheets given to sponsors, as if they were a menu to choose from.

OP’s Final Post, Pleading With People To Share Her Story

“I’m sorry I deleted it. I’m the same celebrity.

I was almost caught so I deleted it…

I’m scared that they’ll become suspicious if I continue to write more. I’m writing in the bathroom with the water turned on. I’ll upload what I’ve captured so far. I’m so scared. Please help me…”

— Female Idol

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