She Was Once Lee Hyori’s Rival — The K-Pop Singer Who Passed Away A Day Before Her Music Video Was Filmed

She was only 25.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Singer U;Nee was once one of the top singers in South Korea. Known for her sexy image, she was rival to Lee Hyori. But U;Nee unexpectedly passed away in 2007. Read about what happened to her here.

U;Nee debuted in 2003 with “Go.”

While her album U;Nee Code did well, she got her big break with the release of “Call Call Call” in 2005. This was when she underwent an image change, adopting a more sexy style. The success of the change caused her agency to begin pushing the sultry concept.

U;Nee was known for her soft-spoken personality. The sexy concept caused the public to criticize her, resulting in stress for the singer.

On January 21, 2007, U;Nee was found dead in her apartment by her grandmother. She lived a difficult life, with her father having passed away. She was raised by a single mother, who put her in the care of her grandmother. Although U;Nee did not leave a will or note behind, fans found that she had once wrote on a website, the following quote.

I feel everything is empty. I am once again, walking down a path of which I don’t know the destination of.

— U;Nee

It was determined by the police that she committed suicide due to stress and depression. The timing was peculiar, as it was just a day before she was slated to film her music video. U;Nee had been preparing for a new album, Habit. Her agency released the album as planned, a few days after her death. With that, the world lost yet another young star — she was only 25.

Source: Namuwiki