The Unexpected Reason Why WayV’s YangYang Thinks Of Bestie NCT DREAM’s Renjun When He Hears The Korean Word For “Mother”

Predebut Renjun was really something!

WayV‘s YangYang often talks about his friendship with the members of NCT. Over the years he’s become particularly close with NCT DREAM‘s Renjun, whom he often spends time with. While DJ-ing for TBS‘s Akdong Seoul radio program, YangYang mentioned that he can’t help thinking of Renjun when he hears the Korean word for ‘mother,’ and it’s for the most unexpected (and adorable) reason.

| @yangyang_x2/Instagram

Fans were surprised to hear that Renjun was the first thing that came to YangYang’s mind when he heard ‘mother’ in Korean.

But given how caring Renjun is known to be, it’s still quite understandable. Recently Jeno revealed, for example, that despite not knowing how to make it, Renjun had done his best to make seaweed soup for Jeno on his birthday.

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And in a recent guest appearance on Rain‘s YouTube series, Season B Season, NCT DREAM stated that Renjun is so caring that the idea of getting friendship rings for the group actually came from him.

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But as it turns out, Renjun’s caring nature is not actually what YangYang had in mind. While YangYang did not elaborate much on air, fans pretty quickly figured out what he was actually referring to, and it’s the most adorable thing ever. As a small child, Renjun once acted out a skit where he called out for his mother in tears, and the video is so cute that it’s easy to see why YangYang thinks of it when hearing ‘mother’ in Korean!

While Renjun is known as a stellar vocalist and a great dancer, his childhood acting skills in this video are also next-level. It’s certainly a performance that leaves an impression, even though it sounds like YangYang has teased his bestie about it plenty of times by now!

We can’t wait to see more of young actor Renjun—and most likely neither can YangYang!


Source: YouTube