The Unlikely Story of How One Korean Woman Found Her True Love On The Subway

This is the stuff K-Dramas are made of!

Back in 2011, a 25-year-old Korean woman — whom we shall refer to as Ms. Blue Coat for a reason you will read later in this 21st century love story — shared a desperate message on the internet. The title read, “I am looking for the man who helped me in Hapjeong Station”.

Hapjeong Station Platform

She started off, “This happened Yesterday, on October 26, 2011, close to midnight.” Ms. Blue Coat explained that she was waiting on the platform for a Line 6 train to arrive…

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… when a completely drunk man approached her. The drunk man got dangerously close to her, but she decided not to get involved.

I said to myself, if he tried to put his hands on me, I will going to sock him in the face and show him who is boss… But until then, I decided to be patient and let him have his moment and move on.

— Ms. Blue Coat

Unfortunately, the drunk man got diligent with the harassment. According to Ms. Blue Coat, the man came up to her face and began speaking to her in gibberish. She recalled, that moment, she felt like he would try to follow her or even harm her if she provoked him in any way — so she became scared and intimidated.

Drunk Park Bo Gum

Then, the most unexpected thing happened to Ms. Blue Coat — like that of a romantic K-Drama. A total stranger, whom we will name Mr. Good Manners, walked up to Ms. Blue Coat, put his arm around her shoulder, then walked her away from the drunk man!

Picture from K-Drama “Something In The Rain” to help you visualize the gesture

I was not expecting this to happen at all. Some man came up to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. And like that, we walked away from the situation. What was that about!? How come he helped me out of the blue like that?!??!

— Ms. Blue Coat

Totally caught off guard, Ms. Blue Coat and Mr. Good Manners got on the Line 6 train together. She remembered thanking him endlessly for his kindness… and then watching him get off at the next station. Only after she had let him go, she realized she should have asked him for his name and number — or even, maybe, followed him off the train to talk to him.

He said that at first, he thought the drunk man and I know each other. But as he kept watching, he realized that wasn’t the case. So he decided to step in. He asked me if I was alright. I said yes, but I was not alright. I’m not usually the type to get shy, but I could literally hear my heart thudding inside of me. He wished me a safe trip home and then got off the next stop. I have no idea why I didn’t get more information from him.

— Ms. Blue Coat

Once she got home, blushed and flustered, she turned to the internet for help. She asked the netizens to make the post go viral, so perhaps Mr. Good Manners would come across the writing. She put up the message with a hopeful note for Mr. Good Manners.

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I really want to see him again. I want to treat him to dinner. If dinner feels like too much, then maybe even a light lunch or something… Please help me everyone.

— Ms. Blue Coat

Thinking this is all too good to be true already? Well, the real K-Drama begins from here on. On the same day Ms. Blue Coat’s posted the story online, it received one mysterious comment:

Would… you be the lady with short hair who was wearing a blue coat?

— Mr. Good Manners

It turned out, thanks to the power of the internet, Mr. Good Manners had actually found Ms. Blue Coat’s post! The two exchanged KakaoTalk IDs and arranged to see each other again. On October 29, 2011, the two met — and in an update to her original post, Ms. Blue Coat let everyone know that sparks flew everywhere. As do all lead roles of a good romance K-Drama, Mr. Good Manners and Ms. Blue Coat fell in love. Fast forward to November 2012, Mr. Good Manners and Ms. Blue Coat officially tied the knot!

Actual pictures of the couple, shared by owner

The newly-weds returned to the original post and shared the news — and the internet went wild, celebrating their unbelievable history together! From complete strangers to happily-ever-after, this remains one of Korea’s greatest internet legends of all time.

Want to know how Mr. Good Manners and Ms. Blue Coat are doing now? Well, from their latest update in 2019 — meet the juniors that came from magic.

The couple’s two children, picture shared by owner

Aaaah. Faith in true love restored!

Source: Tistory and Nate Pann