“All Of Us Are Dead” K-Drama Stars Park Ji Hu And Chan Young Yoon Share A Winning Moment

He appeared in her vlog again.

The Netflix series All Of Us Are Dead was a hit owing to its memorable characters and fast-paced storyline. One of the most unforgettable sub-plots in the series is the friendship and budding romance between the characters Nam On Jo and Lee Cheong San, played by Park Ji Hu and Yoon Chan Young, respectively.

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Seriously, who didn’t root for both of them? Indeed everyone who got enamored with the series wanted Cheong San to finally tell On Jo how he felt. Remember when he finally admitted that he had a crush on her?

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The series has ended, and there were rumors of a sequel, but seeing Cheong San and On Jo together again in the sequel might be a challenge with how the series ended. However, the stars that played them, Park Ji Hu and Yoon Chan Young, recently got an opportunity to catch up with each other. Ji Hu was able to get their catch-up moment documented as part of her vlog.

Both stars won the recent APAN Star Awards for their excellent portrayal of On Jo and Cheong San. Ji Hu won Best New Actress, and Chan Young won Best New Actor. After receiving their awards, they were able to catch up with each other backstage. It was a course a perfect time to take a photo together.

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The lingering handshake to congratulate each other was playful yet affectionate. They look so adorable together!

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They took another photo with their awards side by side,

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It may be difficult to see them together again in the All Of Us Are Dead Sequel, but it would be nice to see them play opposite each other in another project.

Watch their full interaction and other updates on Park Ji Hu’s vlog here:





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