The Most Useless Thing BLACKPINK’s Jennie Ever Bought, According To Herself

Can you guess what it is?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie once showed off her room to fans in an episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK. It was evident to everyone that she owns many objects and she treasures them all!

She is not, however, unaware that she may have too many things. In the online broadcast to celebrate their second year anniversary, BLACKPINK played a game of Jenga. They answered a question for each block that they successfully pushed off.

The first question Jennie was given asked was on her collection of items, “Among the things you recently bought, what’s the most useless one?”

The other members immediately laughed at the words, especially since it was addressed to the perfect person. They commented, “You have so many things…Amazing! You have a lot of things”.

Jennie had to think hard considering she buys too many trinkets whenever she goes out. Rosé encouraged her not to ponder too deeply, since the answer was likely already in the forefront of her mind.

I have to pick because I like buying useless things. Useless things…

– Jennie

While she was thinking of her answer, the other girls shared that they also bought many purposeless things in Japan. Jisoo, for instance, bought a simple decorative stone.

After a few seconds, Jennie decided that the most useless thing she owned was none other than her hair pin! Like her other impulse buys, it was left alone on her desk.

Recently I was too busy to have time to buy useless things in Japan. Ah! I remember. I put many useless things on my desk. It’s a hairclip that comes in mini size.

— Jennie

She explained that it wasn’t a worthy purchase because she never uses it. Jisoo added that the main rapper was set on buying two pieces even if it was unlikely that she’d wear both.

I bought two with you remember? I bought two and one is useless.

— Jennie

Jennie bought the hair pin in the hopes that it would help with her skincare routine.

When I wash my face, I want to have a hair clip. I bought two but I ended up using one. So I should’ve bought one. I’m using one well and the other is useless.

— Jennie

Despite knowing that she should think twice about her purchases, Jennie still had the urge to buy the straw of the beverage that she was drinking!

I want to buy this heart-shaped straw.

— Jennie

Check out the full online broadcast below!

Source: YouTube