V’s Ethereal Beauty Is Distracting Everybody In This Bangtan Bomb

Fans were drawn to him like moths to a flame.

When BTS‘s V is on the scene it’s impossible to focus on anything else, even when he’s not trying to draw attention.

Like moths drawn to a flame, fans can’t resist his princely magnetism…

…and ethereal beauty…

…even though it’s deadly!

BangtanTV uploaded a “Bangtan Bomb” from one of BTS‘s prerecording sessions. In it, BTS chills on the “Dionysus” set while hanging out with ARMY. The video’s focus is supposed to be on Suga‘s etymology lesson about the “Maginot Line”, but many viewers couldn’t concentrate.

V’s visuals were too distracting! An overwhelming amount of the comments on the video are about V…

…and it’s easy to see why!

For more, check out the full video here: