Valentine’s Day Vs White Day—BTS’s Suga Names His Pick During Weverse Live

His reasoning reflects his taste.

During his recent livestream on Weverse, BTS‘s Suga had quite a discussion about Valentine’s Day with ARMYs.

Though at the beginning of the live, Suga said he doesn’t really keep up with occasions like Valentine’s Day, he eventually got so invested in the topic that he decided to search up its history at one point during the live.

When a fan asked in the comments if he had received any chocolates today, Suga said that he didn’t because he was completely unaware that today is Valentine’s Day.

While he was on the topic, he also asked fans about White Day. In South Korea, women usually gift men chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and on White Day, the men give women non-chocolate sweets and other gifts as an act of reciprocation. White Day is celebrated exactly a month away from Valentine’s Day, on March 14.

Stores in South Korea sometimes carry white-colored gifts to celebrate White Day | WordPress

Suga might not pay attention to such days, but he has pretty strong opinions about which one he prefers more. The difference between the gifting customs of the days seems unfair to Suga since on Valentine’s Day, you receive chocolates, but on White Day, you get only candies. And to him, chocolates are tastier.

So, in the end, his choice boils down to the gift itself, which makes Valentine’s Day the winner by association. But his suggestion is that people should gift chocolates on both days.

Now all the “Yoongi marry me” enthusiasts know how to woo the man into submission.