The Reason Why VERIVERY Won’t Let Kangmin Drink Alcohol

Gyehyeon didn’t hold back 😂

As the maknae (youngest member) of VERIVERY, Kangmin was the last member to become an adult back in January. When he had his first taste of alcohol with the members, they decided they wouldn’t let him have anymore and shared the funny reason why.

Kangmin | @by_verivery/Twitter

Speaking with Weekly Idol MC Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, Kangmin said one of the significant changes since becoming an adult was “drinking with the older members.” Kangmin confirmed they got “together to drink” to celebrate his birthday.

Eunhyuk asked a question that many fans would be wondering about Kangmin now. Eunhyuk asked, “Did he hold his alcohol well?” The members were eager to answer.

They all denied it. Leader Dongheon said, “Not at all,” while Gyehyeon announced, “We’re never letting him drink again.

The entire group agreed when Eunhyuk said, “His liver must still be a baby.” MC Kwanghee joked, “He should be drinking yogurt still.

Although Kangmin might’ve gotten ahead of himself the first time—or the first few times—he drank alcohol, it probably was a funny sight for the group.

| @by_verivery/Twitter

Check out Gyehyeon answering why they were quick to cut Kangmin off from drinking alcohol.